From destitute to delighted: Steven’s happy ending

ANYONE who has owned a pet will know it can be harder to find rental accommodation, but Steven Nicholls knows this better than most.

Finding a permanent and affordable place to stay for him and his best mate, a red kelpie called Ozzy, proved so difficult it led to a 15-month stint sleeping between his car and a tent.

“I worked on an organic farm for nine years at Tyalgum, and that was a live-in position,” Mr Nicholls said.

“It was the best nine years of my life but I was very isolated. I looked at my dog and thought, let’s go on an adventure, but from the moment we left there it was a struggle.”

In leaving the farm, Mr Nicholls’ plan was to find a place to live and then look for work, but everywhere he applied for accommodation he was turned down, many times because they didn’t allow pets.

Getting rid of Ozzy just wasn’t an option.

“To me it would be like giving away a relative,” he said.

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