Geelong Project helps stop descent into homelessness for disadvantaged youth

A year ago, James* was on the brink of homelessness, wasn’t going to school and had a bleak outlook on what the rest of life was going to be like.

“I thought my future … was going downhill extremely fast,” the 17-year-old said.

His home was a complex environment with disadvantage, conflict and anxiety at the forefront.

Life was difficult, James said.

“Family business at home and I was trying to find and get a job to leave school to actually support my family and my mum.”

But before James, his three siblings and mother were told to leave their house, he was picked up by The Geelong Project, through his school, Northern Bay Secondary College.

The trial project has been running for three years at three schools in the Geelong area and is claiming huge success at keeping kids off the streets and getting them back into school.

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