Government led innovations in affordable housing delivery

State governments have implemented a number of innovations to deliver affordable housing. Innovations covered in this research include established strategies and programs that deliver affordable housing outside traditional public and community housing models of provision. Aside from the use of the planning system (covered by Gurran et al. 2017a), innovations include financial tools delivering low deposit home loans to eligible households (e.g. Keystart and Homestart); land cost reductions (ACT land rent scheme); partnerships with the community housing sector through asset transfer and management agreements (most states) and partnerships with the private sector delivering either lots within subdivisions or mixed tenure developments that include an element of affordable housing.

Some programs, such as the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) and state housing transfers, appear across states while other innovations, such as shared equity/ownership housing and low deposit home loans, are much less common. The table below describes examples of established innovations across states.

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