Government plans to add 3554 houses to Auckland’s public housing stocks by June 2020

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is planning to add more than 3500 homes to Auckland’s public housing stock over the next two years.

Public housing is made up of homes provided by Housing New Zealand and community housing providers for people on low incomes.

The ambitious target for Auckland was contained in a raft of figures on public housing released by MSD last week.

These show that there were 66,367 public housing dwellings throughout the country at September 30 last year, and MSD wants to increase that stock to 72,000 by June 2020. That’s an increase of 5633 homes (+8.6%).

The bulk of the increase will be in the upper North Island, with 3554 new public housing units for Auckland (+11.8%), 546 for Waikato (12.7%) and 324 for the Bay of Plenty (+12.2%). See Table 1 below, for the regional breakdown.

Scott Gallacher, Deputy Chief Executive for Housing at MSD, said the Ministry would be working with Housing NZ and community housing providers to deliver the additional homes.

“What shape that will take is still being worked through, but it could be a mixture of lease and new builds,” he said.

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