Govt set to unveil results of housing stocktake

In November, the government commissioned three experts to carry out a housing stocktake, saying it needed an up to date picture of the housing market.

At the time, the Housing Minister, Phil Twyford, said the stocktake report was necessary after years of spin and denial by the former government.

Mr Twyford will announce the findings tomorrow morning at Parliament.

The authors have used the latest data from government agencies to look at the housing market – including rentals, homelessness and the decline in home ownership.

RNZ understands the report makes findings around the social impacts of the decline in home ownership and the capital value of state housing.

When it was first announced [

National dismissed the report] as smoke and mirrors.

Its housing spokesperson Michael Woodhouse said “Mr Twyford should be getting and delivering the promises that he gave to the New Zealand public – which was to increase housing supply by 100,000 dwellings over the next 10 years”.

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