Greens Force Rethink of Public Housing Privatisation

The Greens have forced a rethink of the government’s plan to privatise public housing estates, supporting the revocation of a planning scheme amendment which would initiate the first sell-off of publicly owned land.

Greens housing spokesperson Ellen Sandell said the Greens won’t support privatising publicly owned estates while the increases to public housing are so minimal.

“The Greens are committed fixing our rundown public housing and building significantly more public dwellings. We have said repeatedly that the Labor government’s plan to sell off public land to private developers does not provide enough additional public housing, and only benefits property developers at the expensive of public housing tenants and our community,” she said.

“The government has refused to discuss this proposal with us and we have serious concerns about their plan to sell off public estates to private developers. It’s time the government comes to the table to discuss a way forward to significantly increase public housing and address the 35,000-long waiting list.”

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