High number of homeless Aucklanders staying off streets after being given homes

Eighty-three per cent of homeless Aucklanders taken off the streets by a multimillion-dollar housing scheme have kept a roof over their head.

The numbers come two weeks after Auckland Mayor Phil Goff’s concession that authorities have dropped the ball on solving the region’s ballooning homelessness problem.

The 2013 census indicated there were 771 homeless in the region, while an Auckland City Mission study estimated 179 rough sleepers within three kilometres of the Sky Tower. But Goff says other estimates suggest 26,000 Aucklanders may fit the “widest definition” of homelessness.

Housing First project manager Fiona Hamilton on Tuesday said 245 adults had been placed in permanent homes by the end of May.

An additional 198 children had been housed through the $4.7 million scheme, bringing the total to 443. Hamilton said the scheme was currently helping another 119 adults get a permanent home.

“A provisional estimate in April indicates that around 83 per cent of the people who were housed by the collective over the course of the first year have sustained their tenancies,” she said.

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