Highlighting homelessness as a rural and regional issue in New South Wales

120 practitioners will be meeting in Ballina to discuss how to address and prevent homelessness in rural and regional New South Wales over 19 and 20 October. 

The two day summit will look at how rural and regional communities can address the increasing number of people experiencing homelessness in rural New South Wales.  This will include a focus on specific groups such as young people, women and children escaping domestic violence and the increasing number of rough sleepers in rural communities.  It will also look at solutions including helping people maintain private rental housing and working collaboratively with Aboriginal communities to prevent and address homelessness.

‘There has been a huge focus on homelessness in inner city Sydney and Melbourne recently, but inner city homelessness represents less than 1% of the broader homelessness population” said Katherine McKernan, Chief Executive Officer of Homelessness NSW.” 

“Rural and regional homelessness services are experiencing unprecedented demand for their services, particularly from families, young people and older women”

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