‘Home’ at the heart of new SA Housing Choices premises

The Honourable Jay Weatherill MP, Premier of South Australia, has opened new of offices supporting the South Australian expansion of leading national community housing provider, Housing Choices Australia. The theme of ‘home’ underpinned corporate and community events – including a free barbecue for residents – on the refurbished site at 192 Waymouth Street in the city on 12th October.

Housing Choices Managing Director Michael Lennon says the new offices accommodate the growth of the South Australian operations and better position staff to deliver housing and services to some of the most vulnerable South Australians.

“Over the past few months, we have more than doubled our staff here in South Australia,” explains Michael. “We now have 27 fulltime-equivalent staff – in addition to contractors and casual team members. Importantly, most of our employees are working directly with clients as housing of officers, property officers and in community development – supporting people into safe, affordable and decent housing, and helping them stay housed.”

Housing Choices joined forces with Common Ground Adelaide in 2015. The Common Ground program, which delivers housing coupled with intensive on-site health and wellbeing support for those who need it, continues to thrive as part of Housing Choices South Australia.

Michael says the new of office, located on the same site just around the corner from Common Ground Light Square, would provide more scope for collaboration and the provision of services to those in the highest need.

“Together with our partners in government, community and private sectors, we are pursuing more opportunities to expand our supportive housing programs and end people’s homelessness experience – not just for a night but for the long- term,” emphasises Michael.

Housing Choices Australia manages around 4,700 properties across Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and – most recently – New South Wales, providing safe, accessible, affordable homes for more than 5,500 Australians, including over 1,000 residents in SA.