Homeless couples either split for shelter or brave cold together in desperate winter months

Men and women experiencing homelessness in Canberra are having to choose between freezing together in their cars or taking their chances apart in shelters.

Support services have been overwhelmed over the winter with homeless people desperate for help.

But support workers have been at a loss on how to assist couples who want to find shelter together during the cold months.

Huddling together for warmth

Canberra’s average minimum temperature last month was nearly -2 degrees Celsius, with one night plummeting to -7.4C.

Reclink ACT project manager Mark Ransome said he recently encountered a homeless couple living together in their car.

“It was -3C inside their car so they were probably better off sleeping outside the vehicle than freezing inside,” he said.

“They did the rounds trying to find a place they could stay together and it just doesn’t exist.

Mr Ransome said it was generally easier for men to find temporary accommodation.

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Source: ABC