Homelessness a ‘Big Issue’ for Perth’s street strugglers

With more than 116,000 homeless people in Australia it can be easy to get lost in numbers, according to the Big Issue, with the magazine’s latest edition devoted to the nation-wide crisis.

The magazine has been sold by people experiencing homelessness, marginalisation and disadvantage for almost 20 years.

Part 2 of WAtoday‘s four-part series (find part 1 here) speaks to a local vendor who has lifted herself out of poverty and found pride in her work, thanks largely to the Big Issue.

‘I didn’t know what to do’

When Big Issue vendor Caroline found herself on the streets she had no idea where to go.

A family disagreement saw her kicked out of home and, with “no blanket, no pillow or anything”, she headed to Kings Park for her first night’s sleep under the stars.

“That first night was cold,” Caroline said. “It was so cold.”

“I didn’t know what to do.”

For the next few months Caroline used an inner-city drop-in centre to shower.

The Salvos gave her a voucher to buy a blanket.

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