Homelessness hidden in plain view

MY fabulous brother-in-law and his partner drove last week to Coffs Harbour from Sydney in their new Audi Q7.

The reason was twofold: to test the new car and take the family out for dinner as they are spending Christmas skiing in Aspen.

Their wonderful warmth and hospitality meant a night on the town for six, all expenses paid with nothing spared.

While having last cocktails I struck up a conversation with a staff member who revealed her’s was a temporary gig and she worked in various locations between Coffs and Sydney while living in her car.

Not because she was travelling but her husband had left and she no longer had a residence.

My mouth was agape. She thought I was disgusted and I was but not by her.

All I could think about was the delectable evening we just enjoyed and how it was in contrast to her situation.

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