Homelessness on the rise in Shepparton

The housing situation was deteriorating with Census data indicating a 14 per cent increase in homelessness in Shepparton over five years, according to Council to Homeless Persons chief executive Jenny Smith.

‘‘The private rental market is failing the poor and disadvantaged and we’re seeing more and more people bedding down on couches, living in rooming houses and cycling through crisis accommodation,’’ Ms Smith said.

‘‘There are unique factors that drive homelessness in regional areas like Shepparton, including rising unemployment due to changes in local industry, a higher number of transient workers and the cost of housing increasing faster than incomes in the area.’’

According to the Council to Homeless Persons, 15 years ago, 80 per cent of one-bedroom rentals in Greater Shepparton would have been affordable to someone on government benefits, today, it is 25 per cent.

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Source: Shepparton News