Homelessness Victoria: CWA campaign to help the homeless

HOMELESSNESS and housing affordability are in the sights of the Country Women’s Association.

The CWA of Victoria has voted to put the issue on the agenda of all Victorian and federal MPs.

“Everyone is entitled to have a roof over their head,” CWA Victorian president Lyn Harris said.

“There’s a lot of women especially who’ve no homes, we know that, and that’s a problem.”

The CWA will call for the Victorian and Federal governments to “continue to address the root causes of homelessness and implement a variety of measures to reduce homelessness in Australia, including the provision of ongoing support to specialist homelessness services and increased funding for a new social and affordable housing”.

According to Victoria’s Department of Housing and Human Services in 2015-16 about 7400 Victorian across 50 municipalities — including about 30 regional ones — were sleeping on the streets, living in cars, or squatting.

More than 1200 people said they had been homeless for longer than six months.

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