Housing Choices Tasmania Celebrated 3rd Year Anniversary

Housing Choices Tasmania (HCT) last month celebrated its third-year anniversary by achieving a 100% Partner Satisfaction rating in its most recent survey.

In 2014 the Housing Choices Australia Group completed the largest transfer of public housing stock in Australia under the State Government’s Better Housing Futures program. HCT currently manages 1,464 residential tenancies across the State. It runs at a 98% occupancy rate and has an 90% satisfaction rating from residents. HCT’s accommodation services are delivered in partnership with more than 30 support agencies across Tasmania, that provide services for residents ranging from mental health support through to helping women and children escape family violence.

Michael Lennon said: “Knowing that our partners rate us so highly is a fantastic way to kickstart our fourth year of collaborative, affordable housing partnerships in Tasmania – delivering desperately needed accommodation, as well as compassionate, professional residential management and vital community building to the North West.”

State Manager – Kim Bomford said: “Our residents deserve affordable, well-maintained homes to live in. Much of the housing stock we acquired was over 30 years old. So far, we’ve installed more than 400 heat pumps and spent more than $8.5m on repairs and maintenance. “This ongoing commitment to responsive maintenance.

“This ongoing commitment to responsive maintenance of our properties also provides much needed jobs to many local contractors in the North West.

“But,” Ms Bomford said, “it isn’t just about buildings, we invest significantly in community development programs. This year alone we ran 16 community projects under the Resident Community Grant Fund and funded 16 ‘Your Futures’ scholarships to support final year secondary school students. “Developing and supporting vibrant, healthy communities is a fundamental platform of our business,” Ms Bomford said.