Housing First expansion offers hope for Tauranga’s homeless

Housing First expansion offers hope for Tauranga's homeless

A Government programme for the “chronically homeless” is coming to Tauranga but those already at the coalface are questioning what is new.

Budget 2017 promised $16.5m to expand a Housing First programme into areas of high need across the country.

Yesterday, Social Housing Minister Amy Adams announced that Tauranga would be one of them.

“We don’t want anyone living on the street and the expansion of Housing First will provide help for up to 500 more high-need individuals into permanent housing and address the root causes of their homelessness through the provision of targeted, one-on-one wraparound services.”

Tauranga would initially get funding for up to 100 of those 500 places.

“These locations have been identified based on the estimates of demand in those locations and the likelihood of suitable providers being available,” Ms Adams said.

She told the Bay of Plenty Times the programme provided a different approach to what was operating in the homelessness sector in Tauranga.

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