Housing for former Hamilton slum fast-tracked by Government

The demolished slum of Jebson Place has been fast-tracked for social housing.

Some of the 80 new homes could even sell for less than $500,000, Hamilton Mayor Andrew King reckons.

But neighbours fear dozens of new houses crammed into the space could make it as unsavoury as it used to be.

Shannon Reid, who rents one of the neighbouring homes, said new houses might look nice to begin with, but they wouldn’t stay nice for long and would be surrounded by the remnants of a rough area.

This week, the Labour Government gave the green light to the 80-home special housing area (SHA), a mix of state housing, affordable private homes and Waikato-Tainui housing for tribal members.

Hamilton City Council is asking for amendments to allow smaller section sizes, houses built closer to boundaries, and more of the sections covered with bricks and mortar to bring the price of three-bedroom homes below the median Hamilton house price of $537,000.

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