Housing is a human rights issue – and 2018 must be the year to address it

We are at a critical moment. Globally, housing conditions have never been this fraught. Most governments, national and local alike, insist on privileging the interests of a few over the needs of the many.

As a result, homelessness and its accompanying death toll are on the rise, while the number of vacant homes owned by corporate and high net worth investors continues to grow. Affluent countries stand as some of the worst examples. Last year, on an average night in the US, more than 550,000 people slept rough. One county in Silicon Valley saw a 164% increase in deaths of homeless people between 2011 and 2015, rising from 50 to 135. In Toronto, Canada’s largest city, the first nine months of 2017 saw 70 homeless deaths, the highest figure on record.

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