Housing NZ tenants complain about ineffective heaters

State housing tenants are resorting to bubble-wrapping windows, using ovens as heaters and sleeping in one room to stay warm – because they say the heaters provided are simply not suitable.

Social housing providers have installed tens of thousands of 2000 watt electric convection panel heaters in state houses, but tenants complain they are not fit for purpose.

Even when curtains and windows were closed and the houses were insulated, they could not get their houses warm, tenants have told RNZ.

The manufacturer, which RNZ has chosen not to name, said there was nothing wrong with its heaters and there was more likely to be issues with insulation or the way tenants were using the heaters.

It said all electric heaters of the same wattage in a similar sized space would heat the room in the same way.

In a statement, the manufacturer said it supplied about 15,000 units to Housing New Zealand (HNZ) each year and “can count on one hand” how many complaints it had received.

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Source: Radio NZ