Housing Plus to offer specialised homes for people with a disability

Housing Plus is breaking new ground and not just with help from Twice Around Demolition.

A derelict home is being demolished to make room for four units specially designed for people with a disability, supported by a carer, in Bletchington Street.

“I believe it will be one of the first homes of its type in Orange,” Housing Plus CEO David Fisher said.

The accommodation for people with disabilities will be linked to a carer’s residence, allowing them to call on extra help if they need it.

“There’s one carer for the whole complex. It’s flexible support, some people will need support at night and others during the day,” Mr Fisher said.

Mr Fisher said the support people needed could be complex, or as basic as helping someone get out of bed.

He said the units will be “future-proofed” and able to change as residents’ needs required.

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