Housing policy failing families and state’s most vulnerable

Almost half of all low-income households in Queensland are suffering from housing stress due to a failure of governments to address the issue.

Despite a 13 per cent increase in federal funding over the past seven years, Queensland continues to lag behind the rest of the country in supplying social and affordable housing according to the state’s peak body for community housing providers (CHPs).

Chair of CHPs for Queensland, Josephine Ahern said the issue is of vital importance to Queensland but one that’s probably not on the political radar of parties during the current campaign.

“As a result, CHPs for Queensland has written to each party asking them to fully outline their policies aimed at tackling the state’s crisis in affordable housing provision,” Ms Ahern said.

“Affordable housing stocks in Queensland are at a critical level and an immediate investment in affordable housing supply is required.

“There are currently 29,000 Queenslanders on the waiting list for social housing and a recent study suggests we will need at least a further 50,000 affordable dwellings over the next decade.

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