Housing stress blamed as report shows one in six children live in poverty

One in six Australian children are living in poverty, according to a new UnitingCare Australia report.

The report into child social exclusion – commissioned from the University of Canberra’s National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling – blamed housing stress and labour market changes for “highly persistent” social exclusion.

UnitingCare will launch the report at Australian Parliament House on Monday at the start of Anti-Poverty Week.

The report used 2016 census data and other data including Naplan results to measure both child poverty – where family income falls below the poverty line – and the broader measure of child social exclusion, which includes socioeconomic, education, connectedness, housing and health metrics.

In 2016 17.2% of Australian children aged 0-14 years lived in poverty, it found. Excluding the Northern Territory, the highest rates of child poverty occurred in areas in Victoria outside of greater Melbourne (23.1%) and in New South Wales outside Sydney (18.9%).

Jurisdictions with significantly lower child poverty rates than the others included Queensland (15.7%), Tasmania (14.7%), the ACT (11.2%) and the urban areas of the Northern Territory (10.8%).

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Source: The Guardian