How affordable housing is helping workers cut their rent and commute

UNTIL recently, Sydney high school teacher Victor Zitser was losing half his income to rent and battling a horror 40-minute commute every work day.

But that all changed when he happened to glimpse a news article during one lunch break.

It was about affordable housing — a concept which provides quality, affordable rental housing to eligible low to moderate income households at a price relative to the person’s income.

The father-of-one, who earns around $80,000 a year, decided to apply, and for the past year he has been living with his wife and son at a City West Housingdevelopment in inner-city Zetland.

These days, the family is spending just 30 per cent of their household income on rent compared to 50 per cent previously — and Mr Zitser’s commute to his school in Newtown in the city’s inner west has been slashed to a five-minute drive.

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Source: News