How healthcare help for the homeless helps us all

Perth GP Dr Andrew Davies’ experiment in taking primary care to the homeless began with $10,000 in personal savings and a 2am lightbulb moment that inspired him to start running mobile clinics at drop-in centres out of his car.

Now, the Homeless Healthcare charity is a leading light in providing joined-up services to the city’s most marginalised and vulnerable patients while – almost inadvertently, it turns out – slashing costs to the tertiary health system.

Importantly, the charity is also a leader in adding to international evidence on the huge impact that coordinated primary care and housing services can have on improving outcomes for homeless people and keeping them out of hospital.

“This is one of the things we have really struggled to emphasise to funders; they just don’t believe us when we tell them how much these patients use the tertiary system,” Dr Davies, the Perth charity’s CEO and medical director, told The Medical Republic.

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Source: Medical Republic