Iain Duncan’s new role

Iain Duncan has recently been employed as the Senior Stakeholder Manager at Housing New Zealand where his role is focused on working alongside the community housing sector and building relationships. While new to this position, Iain has been with HNZ for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience having worked across a variety of roles in tenancy management, community partnering and homeownership assistance.

Since taking on his new role Iain has met with a number of representatives of the community housing sector and is currently working alongside CHA, looking at ways that HNZ can help the wider sector.

HNZ is often approached by the community housing sector with questions or proposals. If you have a question or proposal Iain is your first point of at HNZ email: iain.duncan@hnzc.co.nz or 09 261 5285. Iain is happy to meet with you to get a better understanding of your organisation and to discuss HNZ’s activity.

Source: Community Housing Aotearoa