‘If Scotland can do it, Australia can do it too’: Experts push for affordable housing strategy

New South Wales has twice the GDP of Scotland yet when it comes to affordable housing it has failed to do what the British country pulled off in the space of five years.

Now, major stakeholders in the NSW housing industry are pushing for Australia to adopt the Scottish model.

Speaking at the Affordable Housing Conference, Community Housing Industry Association of NSW chief executive Wendy Hayhurst has thrown down the gauntlet to the NSW government, saying if “Scotland can do it, Australia can do it too.”

A lack of funding isn’t the problem, according to Ms Hayhurst, with the latest budget showing the state government is flush with money.

“Scotland is not a rich country like Australia or NSW. It’s nowhere near it,” she said. “Yet you would be very envious of what they’ve got in place.”

Instead, Ms Hayhurst pointed to a lack of commitment and vision by both sides of government.

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