Imminent homelessness tale has unexpected fairytale ending for Norman Court residents

After the Gazette’s August 30 front page detailing the imminent homelessness of the residents of Norman Court in Richmond, four people managed to make other arrangements.

The 14-unit complex on March Street was due to be bulldozed by owner Richmond Club before Christmas to build a long-planned extension to its adjacent nursing home, Hawkesbury Living.

However eight people were still without anywhere to move to as the November 20 deadline approached, despite much searching. Wentworth Housing interviewed them all soon after the Gazette story to assess their individual situations and see what it could do for the residents, and Richmond Club agreed to hold off as long as it could. Finally this week Wentworth was able to offer all eight residents brand new units in a block it has just finished building at St Marys.

Wentworth took the residents on Council’s Peppercorn bus to see the units on Wednesday, December 6 and also show them around St Marys to see the community’s facilities to enable them to decide quickly whether they wanted to take up the offer.

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