Inner Sydney homelessness continues to remain at unacceptable levels

Six months on from Martin Place inner city homelessness continues to remain at unacceptable levels. The City of Sydney Street Count figures released today reveal that there are 329 people sleeping rough and 495 people in crisis and temporary accommodation.       

This is despite intensive efforts of the Department of Family and Community Services and Specialist Homelessness Services who have housed over 170 people sleeping rough following outreach in Martin Place, Belmore Park, Wentworth Park and Central over the past 6 months. 

“If we are to really address homelessness in inner Sydney then we need an ongoing co-ordinated, well resourced plan that provides affordable housing with support and cross-agency leadership that focuses on preventing exits into homelessness from prisons, health services and housing.” said Katherine McKernan, CEO of Homelessness NSW.

“This approach has been adopted internationally and works.  Finland, for example, has been able to reduce its crisis beds from 600 down to 52 through shifting its focus from crisis support to investing in social housing with support.” said Ms McKernan.

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