I’ve given up calling police’: Drug dealing spikes at public housing

Drug dealing reported at public housing estates almost doubled from 2016 to 2017, while the staff managing the properties were not “adequately” supported, trained or resourced to manage anti-social behaviour, an audit revealed this week.

Staff at 16 out of 27 housing offices visited by NSW Audit officers said the drug “ice” was a problem for tenancy management.

There were 568 reports of aggressive and threatening behaviour, 269 reports of assault and 143 reports of intentional damage to property between February 22, 2016, and December 2017. One tenant had 15 dogs locked inside a property with no outdoor area and another had more than 20 cats.

In total, there were 6755 incident reports of “antisocial behaviour” in public housing with the most common issue being “disruptive noise”. There was one report of child pornography and two cases where illegal brothels were found to be operating.

But these numbers are likely to be underestimated because “design issues and functional limitations” of the NSW Family and Community Service (FACS) computer system impedes staff from recording what is happening.

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Source: SMH