Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI): Partnering with Community Housing in J2SI Phase 2 to End Chronic Homelessness

Based on the successful Journey to Social Inclusion (J21SI) pilot (1) run by Sacred Heart Mission (2009-2012) the refined J2SI Phase 2 intervention aims to test out and evidence the scalability and replicability of a model that can end chronic homelessness. With more people, over a larger area, and more cost effectively. Sacred Heart Mission an organisation based in St Kilda Victoria, has a 35 year commitment to build peoples capacity to participate more fully in community life by addressing the underlying causes of deep, persistent disadvantage and social exclusion. SHM continues to progress its vision to see the end of chronic homelessness across Australia.

J2SI Phase 2 (2016-2019) commenced in partnership with key referral partners VincentCare and St Mary House of Welcome who also share an approach of open welcome and hospitality through their drop in services to communities in the inner north that are trapped in cycles of homelessness and disadvantage. J2SI Phase 2 aims to:

  • Deliver an enhanced model based on the J2SI Pilot learnings.
  • Demonstrate that the model can be delivered across multiple sites in Melbourne, working with strategic partners.
  • Test a more cost efficient model with a higher participant to staff ratio and demonstrate improved return on investment.
  • Identify key interventions that have the greatest impact on individual outcomes.

The model has five key components detailed below that are provided for three years to 60 participants who have experienced chronic homelessness.

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