Judith Collins hounds Phil Twyford over ‘anti-social’ state housing tenants

National’s Judith Collins has attacked Housing Minister Phil Twyford and Housing NZ (HNZ) repeatedly over “anti-social” tenants scaring off “nice neighbours”.

Twyford was in the Social Services select committee on Tuesday discussing Budget 2018’s housing spend.

But Collins, National’s housing spokeswoman, took the opportunity to focus on HNZ’s approach to problematic tenants, at one point asking HNZ chief executive Andrew McKenzie if had ever lived beside a gang member. He had.

Collins asserted that Twyford’s pause of tenancy review and what she described as “no-eviction” policy had led to a sky-high waiting list.

The interrupting and bickering between Twyford and Collins escalated to a level where Labour’s Greg O’Connor described Collins as a “rude woman” without reply or censure.

HNZ has shifted its policy towards tenants with pets and addiction issues, allowing pets on a case-by-case basis and defaulting to support services when they discover addiction issues rather than eviction.

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