Katherine services are calling on the NT Government to help most vulnerable

Last week’s Hangi at the Hub highlighted Katherine’s need for crisis accommodation.

Katherine services are calling on the NT Government to do more for people sleeping rough.

“Katherine has 30 times the national average of people experiencing homelessness. We need something to change,” coordinator of the Katherine Doorways Hub Harley Dannatt said at Thursday’s event.

“In May this year, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern set a target to offer shelter for all rough sleepers within four weeks. We were inspired by this bold and ambitious plan from the top level of government. The Prime Minister acknowledged the severity of their issue and set about to immediately help the most vulnerable.

“The hangi is a “shout-out” across the Tasman in acknowledgment of this leadership, and a call to our leaders for immediate action of this kind.

The Katherine Individual Support Program (KISP) team from Wurli cooked a hangi and fed the 200 people in attendance.

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Source: Katherine Times