KPMG unveils plan to move low-income renters towards home ownership

KPMG wants to see changes that would help retirees, especially women, live more comfortably

Single retirees would get increased rent assistance and low-income Australians would be given a pathway towards owning their own home, under a proposal by consulting firm KPMG.

KPMG’s paper, Delivering equity: a new deal for pensioners who rent, also calls on the Federal Government to change the law so that employers must pay people super regardless of their monthly earnings and when their worker takes paid parental leave.

The paper, the third in a series by KPMG examining financial discrimination against women in Australia, will be presented to both major political parties to consider ahead of the federal election.

It makes various recommendations aimed at helping 1.3 million low-income Australians, 59 per cent of them female, move out of financial hardship.

Key Points:
– The KPMG paper suggests a co-investment scheme to help lift people out of poverty and into home ownership
– The paper, focusing on older women’s financial disadvantage, will be presented to both major parties ahead of the election
– If changes are adopted, employers would be required to pay super when people take paid parental leave

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Source: ABC News