Lack of funding for homeless services and large scale initiatives disappoints advocates at summit

The ACT Government has disappointed community advocates by failing to commit funding for emergency accommodation for the homeless at today’s Housing and Homelessness Summit despite Canberra’s high homelessness rate and increasing demand on community homeless services.

The summit has also disappointed those hoping for a large-scale commitment to providing affordable housing, with the ACT Government announcing just $1 million for a Housing Innovation Fund to seed new affordable housing initiatives.

ACT Housing Minister Yvette Berry announced at the summit that a further 240 affordable housing sites will be released this financial year as part of a new annual affordable, public and community housing supply target. An added government initiative was the start of a new affordable home purchase database to ensure affordable housing goes to those who need it.

Safe Shelter ACT Co-ordinator Richard Grittiths said he was disappointed there was “nothing for homelessness services” in the government’s announcement at today’s summit.

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