Latrobe and Somerset receive affordable housing boost

Construction of 31 new affordable housing properties across Latrobe and Somerset will take place before June, 2019.

Housing Choices Tasmania will supply the homes to priority applicants including people living with a disability, young people and the elderly.

Housing Choices Managing Director Michael Lennon said 26 units would be built at Latrobe, while five would be built in Somerset.

Construction will be funded by $3.87 million from Housing Tasmania, $3.5 million from Housing Choices Tasmania and $470,000 from Latrobe Council.

“We want tenants to make these places their homes and we want to build dwellings that can easily adapt to changing needs,” Mr Lennon said.

“Things like making the doors a little wider, reinforcing the walls and building on flat ground will mean the dwellings can cater to the needs of the tenants in the long term.”

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