Lockridge residents plea for CCTV cameras at public housing area

A GROUP of Lockridge residents living in a Department of Communities housing complex are calling for CCTV cameras to be installed at their “graveyard site” to combat crime in the area.

Lockridge resident Paul Bradshaw said the 12-unit complex, located on Rosher Road across from Lockridge Primary School, was subject to break-ins, threats for food, money and cigarettes, graffiti and smashed windows since Christmas.

“We went out there with a petition to Homeswest (Department of Communities), with eight signatures on it and they said to us ‘We could not accept that; everyone had to write out a single complaint’,” he said.

“There have been about five people who died since I have been here and half the time, Homeswest don’t even know that they are dead.”

Housing assistant director general Greg Cash said the department’s North Metropolitan regional office was not notified by the tenants or police of any break-ins.

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