Looking through the lens on public housing

Today I opened a photographic exhibition of public housing in Canberra taken by documentary photographer Hardy Lohse.

Canberra has a proud history of public housing and supporting people to not only have accommodation, but to have a home. However, much of Canberra’s public housing was built over 40 years ago, to support the role of this city as the growing national capital. Many of these properties were constructed in large complexes of over 100 dwellings.

The Public Housing Renewal Program is halfway through the largest renewal of ACT public housing stock, renewing 11% of older, outdated dwellings and to provide better and more appropriate accommodation to suit the needs of the tenants.

Each tenant has been supported through the process of relocation to try and suit their needs and preferences. Tenants were consulted over choice in location and access to support services during and after the move in order to create new homes within the community.

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