Make Social Housing Our Nation’s Badge Of Honour

In the wake of the appalling fire at Grenfell Tower there has been a torrent of public comment, some based on evidence but much more based on assertion. One of the most common assertions has been that Grenfell proves that landlords of social housing don’t care about their tenants and think it is okay to provide poor quality, sub-standard homes.

There are, of course, no absolutes. No organisation ever gets everything right all of the time. But the idea that housing associations and local authorities don’t care about their tenants is simply not true. I meet people in all parts of the country who care deeply and who passionately want to do the right thing, driven by a strong sense of social purpose. They provide good quality homes in well-maintained places. They are building new homes, including homes for social rent, despite there being no financial support from government for this. Housing association homes are overall the most energy efficient, easy to heat of all sectors. Substantial sums of money are invested in creating and sustaining attractive communities and providing support to residents where it is needed.

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