‘Massive influx’: Canberrans moving to Queanbeyan as rent prices surge

Charities warn Canberrans are being forced over the border into Queanbeyan as a housing affordability “crisis” hits the capital.

In 2010, housing advocate Penny Leemhuis was told it would be at least 14 years before the ACT government could find a public housing property for her.

Renting rooms here and there from acquaintances in the capital, she eventually took her name off the ACT list and put it down for a NSW property.

Within 18 months, she had moved into her new unit in Queanbeyan.

“It’s not perfect, but it’s [disability] accessible,” Ms Leemhuis said.

“I really didn’t have a choice, I’d still be waiting…There are so many older women here in the same situation as I was, living precariously week to week.”

With ACT apartment rent prices now the second highest in the country, local services and Queanbeyan realtors report more Canberrans are chasing cheaper rentals over the border.

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