Media Release from the Hon Zoe Bettison MP, Minister for Social Housing

The State Government is seeking industry and public feedback on changes to the regulations that govern the minimum standards for all housing in South Australia.

The review of the Housing Improvement Regulations 2017 follows the introduction of the Housing Improvement Act 2016 in April this year. Since then, the new Housing Safety Authority has used the new powers under the Act to issue 64 housing improvement orders, 35 notices to vacate unsafe premises and 23 rent control notices and a number of other formal orders and notices.

The Housing Safety Authority has released an issues paper which can be found here.

To provide feedback, please complete the online survey on the YourSAy website found here or send a written submission to with the subject line ‘Regulation Review Submission’ or mail to the Housing Safety Authority, GPO Box 292, Adelaide 5001.