MEET THE AUSTRALASIAN AWARD WINNERS: LEADING ASSET MANAGEMENT: Asset Management Compass Housing, Compass Housing Services

A field of 55 nominees – the biggest number yet for an AHI Awards cycle – produced 10 very special individuals, teams and projects who were anointed as both winners and highly commended recipients at this year’s AHI Professional Excellence in Housing Awards Australasian ceremony.


Winner: Asset Management Compass Housing, Compass Housing Services

What the judges said:
“The judges were unanimous in awarding the category to Compass. The attention to detail and goal to increase tenant satisfaction are significant, and the judges were impressed with the achievement and dedication of the staff at the organisation.”

Next up, Housing Choice’s Michael Lennon presented Donald Proctor, Executive Manager of Strategic Assets at Compass Housing Services, with the Leading Asset Management Award.

“This award is about our commitment to tenants,” said Michael. “In many ways, it’s our most important one because, as we all know, looking after the quality and conditions of tenants’ homes is the thing that is most important to them.”

Having increased the number of dwellings under management from 3,500 in 2014 to 4,500 in a little over three years, the pressure has certainly been on the asset management resources at Compass Housing. Despite the challenge, in the most recent tenant survey prior to the awards, Compass tenants reported an 89 percent satisfaction rating for maintenance services, and 92 percent of tenants were satisfied with the overall dwelling condition.

Winning a contract to develop and manage 78 group homes for 390 highly disabled people – as well as a Social and Affordable Housing Fund contract to provide 600 new units earlier in 2017 – means Compass Housing is well-placed in terms of resources to continue providing a high quality service to their customers.

“I’d really like to thank all my colleagues at Compass and Greg [Budworth] for providing me with the opportunity to practice asset management in such a fantastic environment,” said Donald Proctor of Compass Housing.

“But really,” he continued, “I want to acknowledge the reason why we have happy tenants who are happy with our maintenance. That’s because our [Customer Service Officers] take the calls really well, our maintenance officers organise the maintenance, our technical officers are out there every day looking after the houses and the tenants and responding, and our tenant relations officers are all part of a big team – a big machine that makes it work – and our maintenance contractors are terrific. You’ve gotta work as a team and that’s why, I think, it works.”