A field of 55 nominees – the biggest number yet for an AHI Awards cycle – produced 10 very special individuals, teams and projects who were anointed as both winners and highly commended recipients at this year’s AHI Professional Excellence in Housing Awards Australasian ceremony.


Winner: Julie Davenport, Hume Community Housing

 What the judges said:
“Julie’s success in this award was exemplified for her magnificent work with The Collectives and the great work they are doing breaking down the stigma around hoarding, while understanding the problem for what it is and something that needs patience and proper care. The Committee felt that Julie’s team recognised her inspiration by this attention and work with others, and we felt the same.”

In presenting the award to Julie, Natalie Harrington, founder of Blooming HR reflected on how pleased she was to see the AHI’s Awards include recognition for people who make a difference in the workplace.

“I am delighted to be here to present an award that is about inspirational team members,” she told attendees. “When I joined this sector seven years ago, I gave out awards for community engagement and tenant participation, and it was one of my goals to bring in an award that was all about employee engagement and employee participation. And look where we are!”

Having been with Hume Community housing for over five years, Julie’s colleagues believe her commitment to social justice, the organisation, her fellow employees and the tenants that she works alongside every day is genuinely inspiring. Described as ‘tenacious’, ‘determined’ and ‘persistent’, in nominating her for this award, Julie’s colleagues also commended her infallible leadership skills, determination and, most of all, her seemingly everlasting supply of compassion for those in need.

In particular, working on projects like The Collectives (see above for judges’ comments) demonstrates Julie’s commitment to challenging social stereotypes, breaking down barriers and advocating for the more marginalised in society.

“While I’m really proud to receive this award, I don’t know that I’m so inspirational but I work with some truly inspirational bunch of people,” said Julie. “Every day, when I go to work, I’m inspired by the customers that we work with, and also with the people that I work with in this sector. I’m sure everyone would say they love working in the sector, and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved at Hume, and as a sector as a whole.”