Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle’s home attacked by protesters

MELBOURNE’S mayor has been viciously attacked for his response to the homelessness crisis and for cleaning up bollards covered in graffiti.

Robert Doyle’s family home has been smothered by paint bombs and even his wife and child have fallen victim to “offensive” and “dangerous” threats on social media.

His house has been attacked by paint bombs for the second time this year, with the latest attack happening in the early hours of Tuesday morning. It is believed his home was hit about 1.30am while the family was sleeping.

Mr Doyle has been targeted by angry homeless activists since he moved on a homeless camp outside Flinders Street station at the beginning of the year.

At the time, Mr Doyle promised to fight for a new by-law that banned homeless people sleeping on the CBD streets. He said he would take a proposal to a council meeting.

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