More people need Mark’s help as the public housing flats are split up

A program that pollinates communities in some of Canberra’s most unloved places has seen demand for its services grow by one quarter in just a year, as the ACT government empties and sells off its public housing flats.

Journos, pollies and musos pulled on the boots for the second annual Reclink Community Cup on Sunday at Jamison Oval in Macquarie.

Through Reclink’s High Density Housing Safety and Security Project – which is funded by the ACT’s Justice and Community Safety Directorate – Mark Ransome has built community gardens, helped people give up the booze and lose weight, and clothed well over 50 people this past winter.

He asks the people who live in public housing something many of them have never been asked in their life: “What does a better life look like for you?”

The program has cut violent crime by 50 per cent, property crime by 60 per cent and police attendance for disturbances by 49 per cent.

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Source: The Canberra Times