More than 3000 ACT public housing applications removed in four years

The ACT government has removed more than 3000 applications from Canberra’s public housing waiting list in the past four years, leading to a 600-odd drop in overall numbers on the list.

Despite the removal of the applications, waiting times for public housing have lengthened for those seeking ‘standard’ housing, as almost all available public housing went to those facing the most dire of circumstances.

ACT Shelter executive officer Travis Gilbert said the removal of the thousands of applications had likely pushed many of those on low incomes needing more affordable housing to rent unaffordable homes in the private market.

It comes as the territory’s housing sector awaits a new affordable housing strategy from Housing Minister Yvette Berry, as almost all private rentals have again been found to be unaffordable for Canberrans on minimum wage or income support.

He said ACT Shelter understood the vast majority of people removed from the list since 2015 were deemed eligible for either ‘high needs’ or ‘priority’ housing when they applied for public housing.

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