Moreland Council considering new laws to allow homeless to camp in public

HOMELESS people would be able to camp in public under a bizarre set of rule changes by a Melbourne council.

Moreland city council has called for public feedback on draft alterations to its local laws, which could also open the way to residents rifling through people’s bins.

And the new rules relax restrictions on drinking in public, but will force community groups to get permits for stalls.

Under the controversial proposed law changes, areas would be prescribed for recreational camping, with wording designed to protect Moreland’s homeless population from being moved on or prosecuted.

And there are concerns a loophole in rules for kerbside collection will result in residents being able to legally go through their neighbours’ garbage on bin night.

The new laws are meant to allow residents to pick up hard waste items left for council collection but are worded so vaguely that they could allow people to take general rubbish from other properties’ bins.

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