Moreland Council’s controversial local law changes come under fire from residents

CONTROVERSIAL local law changes allowing homeless people to camp on the street, drinking in public and rubbish bin rummaging could be scrapped after almost 150 people spoke out.

Moreland Council is looking to relax several of its local laws — but concerned residents attended a public meeting last week to talk through their submissions.

Under proposed changes, residents would be allowed to put their rubbish in and take rubbish out of other people’s bins, as well as drink in public, but would be required to obtain a permit to host a community stall, conduct personal training at a public park, and busk in certain areas.

Designated areas would also allow for homeless people to camp without being moved on or prosecuted.

Many residents argued the new camping law would clog up public space and be abused by backpackers wanting a free ride, with rubbish rummaging also coming under fire for being an “invasion of privacy and open to identity theft and fraud”.

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