‘Move them to Fremantle’: Council candidate wants to evict Mosman Park ‘housos’

A Perth businessman running for council in Mosman Park wants all public housing tenants in his suburb dumped into neighbouring Fremantle.

But Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt swiftly shut-down the radical plan saying it’s the first he had heard of the move and wouldn’t support it.

Mosman Park resident Andrew Wilson sparked controversy when he claimed his suburb – which has a median house price of around $1.2 million dollars – was beset with break-ins and anti-social behaviour due to public housing residents, in a video on his Facebook page.

“It’s time to address the elephant in the room. Every day a break in occurs in Mosman Park, and we all know it’s due to the housing commission,” Mr Wilson said in a statement that accompanies the video.

“We have three schools in the area, young children, families, and retirees living in Mosman Park who deserve to feel safe walking the streets, and yes, that means even at night.

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