Nelson family face the cold reality of homelessness amid rental market squeeze

It should be a time of celebration for Nelson couple, Nathan Te Haupai and Estella  Davis.

Their third child was born just over a week ago.

But with just under two months to find somewhere to live, and very few rental properties on offer, the couple are feeling stressed.

“I have a job, and we have a roof over our head, but eventually we have to move from here, and that day just keeps getting closer and closer,” said Te Haupai, who works on the bottling line at McCashins Brewery in Stoke.

The couple relocated from Hamilton with their two other children, aged five and seven, over a year ago.

They stayed at their parents’ home until January, when they moved out partly due to a lack of space, and into a cabin at Tahuna Beach Kiwi Holiday park & Motel.

The family was “very fortunate” to find a rental in Richmond the next day, Te Haupai said.

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