Nelson social agencies welcome planned state house-builds

Nelson will get seven new state houses but social agencies say many more are needed.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford has announced that up to 155 new state houses would be built across New Zealand’s regions by June this year.

The top of the south will get 20 new state houses, with 13 in Marlborough and seven in Nelson.

Nelson Tasman Housing Trust Director Carrie Mozena said while she applauded the new Government for paying more attention to housing, the new houses on the way for Nelson wouldn’t make “enough of a difference”.

She understood the Government intended to increase Housing New Zealand funding.

“On the one hand that’s helpful to, over time, grow the supply of social housing, but it does nothing to address the need for more affordable rental housing for people who struggle to pay rental costs but who don’t qualify for social housing,” she said.

“We need the focus to be not just on social housing, but also on affordable rental housing.”

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